Its All About The “Why?”

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Glunz Financial Coaching!

I am so honored that you have chosen to spend your time reading this blog.

I wanted my first blog to be about THE WHY because each of our own personal WHYs are what will keep us motivated everyday through the highs and lows. As we are looking to make changes in our lives, especially ingrained behavioral changes, we need to briefly reflect on WHY we behaved the the way we have in the past, and then understand WHY we want to change that behavior for the better. Reflection on the past helps us avoid the pitfalls that are easy to slip back into, while the understanding of WHY we want to be better will be a reminder to keep moving us forward.

With the ideas above in mind, I thought I should tell you my WHYs.

I was not always a financial coach; in fact I have a degree in engineering and have had a 13-year career as an engineer and project manager. Early in my career, I made all the classic financial mistakes: I bought a house I really could not afford (I was house poor!), I bought brand new cars on long loans because I “deserved” a nice car, and I had credit card debt. I pretty much tried every kind of debt there was because that was what you did when you graduated from college and got a good job! Growing up I did not have the best financial role models. I knew we didn’t have much money, yet we never went without. However, I always sensed stress and worry about money. I believe some part of me thought that money stress was part of being an adult, so when I became an adult I got myself some money stress to be normal.

Then I started watching the Suze Orman show. Her advice on paying-off debt, having emergency savings instead of relying on credit cards, not getting 5-year car loans, and saving for retirement really hit home with me. When I was in high school, saving the money I earned working came naturally to me, but I lost that behavior and replaced it with a desire to show everyone how well off I was by spending money I did not actually have. Around this same time I got into project management – which is all about planning and that nasty “non-“four letter word “budgeting”.

I had some life altering changes during this time. First I realized I was very good at planning and budgeting. Then I realized all the things I wanted: I wanted the freedom to work jobs I liked, instead of staying with a job just so I could


pay-off stuff I bought in the past. I wanted to feel secure that I could take care of myself no matter what emergency occurred. I wanted to be secure enough to care for others when they needed it. I wanted to retire and travel and I did NOT want to spend 2 hours a month writing checks to my creditors.

WHY did I get out of debt and start building my retirement? Because I realized I wanted more to show for my life than a nice house and a nice car. I wanted security, freedom and control over my life. That is when I realized, if you manage your money, YOU (not the bank) own your life.

WHY did I start coaching…

The short answer is I was looking for some way to make an impact on people. I have had a pretty successful career making an impact on delivering things, and helping companies, but it never felt like enough. No matter how hard I worked or how much I believed in the projects I was working on I wasn’t making enough of an impact on individuals.

Against all the odds, this engineer became an lover of people.

The long answer is: I had always loved to talk (I once told my grandpa “little kids need to talk too!”). I learned to love writing in high-school (yes I was a poetry nerd). I love problem solving and developing plans (that should be obvious since I am an engineer and a project manager). I am continually compelled to try to help people; I love to listen to what is going on with a person and suggest ideas on how to grow or improve a situation. And lastly, I HATE feeling uncertain and afraid – I hate it so much I never want anyone to feel that way. I feel the most joy when I know that I have helped someone find a way out of uncertainty, that I have helped reduce or eliminate a fear, or that I have shown them a way to take back the control they feel they lost.

Thanks to some great executive coaches that blessed me with their wisdom, I finally realized those are the traits of a coach. That is when I decided to go to the Dave Ramsey Financial Coach training. I had learned to love the topic of personal finance thanks to Suze Orman, and it was obvious coaching was something I needed to do with my natural traits, so it felt like the next step to take. I can say attending that training was the best decision I have ever made. The training was so life altering, I came home set up a business facebook page, and immediately started looking for ways to share everything I learned with those that want it.

If I have higher calling, financial coaching is that calling. No doubt in my mind. WHY did I start financial coaching? Because it allows me to use the best parts of my natural talents to help people with an area of their life that touches EVERYTHING in their lives. Because I am compelled to help people learn to manage their money, so they can own their life.

SO WHAT IS YOUR WHY? WHY do you want guidance on your finances? What are you struggling with? What is stopping your from moving forward? I would love to hear from you through the contact page on my website (, or by commenting on our facebook page (

I wish you all the best and look forward to sharing more thoughts with you on this blog in the future.

Heidi Glunz