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Heidi Glunz, PMP®

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Manage your money.

Own your life.

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Glunz Financial Coaching wants your money to help you achieve your goals through the power of intention. Your money should empower you. Learn the power of intentional money management and free yourself from financial stress. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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Our mission is to educate people on personal finance, so that they have the confidence, tools and skills to manage their money, achieve their goals, and remain empowered in all areas of their life. We provide education, guidance, and motivation to help you start and maintain intentional money management.

Budget is not a 4-letter word

Learn to budget with intention, instead of limitation

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Our Story. Your Story.

I hated the word Budget and would do the HARD eye roll at the mere mention. I also did ALL the things: Bought a house and a car I couldn’t afford, used a credit card to go on vacation and paid enough interest to have gone twice…I looked great to the outside world, but I was stressed out and stuck in my career because I needed the money.

After I got “serious” about getting out of debt (but not a budget), I managed to pay off about $50,000 in debt – there was intention but no real plan, and it took about 6 years.

I finally tried budgeting because I REALLY wanted a new career and my “intentionally winging it” method wasn’t working fast enough. To my surprise my new budget, and my $120,000 a year income, allowed me to easily save over $20,000 in a year, more if I was willing to make small (almost unnoticeable) changes. Where had all my money been going? I thought I didn’t have any???

The simple act of planning and tracking my money allowed me to decide what was most important to me moment by moment vs being ruled by impulse and “but I deserve it”. I learned that budgeting actually sets you free; it set me free from guilt about my choice to spend my money, and it set me free to live my dream. I took the leap and started this new career. If I can do it, so can you.

Set yourself free.
– Heidi Glunz

Why Didn’t My Budget Work?

Did you write it down (or use an app)?

If you want to reach your financial goals in a timely fashion, you have to be intentional with where your money goes. Every dollar you earn is a chance to achieve what is most important to YOU. Use your budget to help you define and achieve your financial and even your life goals. Just remember, dreams are in your head; Goals are written down and have a timeline.

Did you track your spending against your budget?
Having a budget only works if you track your spending to see if you are living up to your budget. Tracking your expense also gives you time within the month to adjust your budget when life happens or a new choice/challenge presents itself. There are several ways to keep track of your spending, the key is finding one that works for you day in and day out. Don’t be afraid to try different methods/software packages, or systems.
Did you use someone else’s template and forget to make it your own?
Budgets are VERY personal. No one can complete a budget for you. They do not understand your goals as well as you do, and they do not have the same passion about your goals, or circumstances as you do. Coaches, software programs, and even spreadsheets can give you great templates to get you started. There are a number of free budgeting tools online, including my Just Start Budget in the Money Management Resources. Just remember to put your personal touch on the budget (change category names, add personal expenses, name your savings categories to align with goals), and find a system of tracking your spending that works for your life.
Did you cut out all fun from your budget?
Long term restrictions on buying the things you enjoy can make budgeting unpleasant, and ultimately derail your goals one unplanned slip at a time. Give yourself a small indulgence budget each month (like pocket money or fun money). If your budget is too tight to take indulgences every month, then do it every 3 month or every 6 months. You know best what will keep you motivated, so work treats and celebrations to your budget to keep you motivated.
Were you too rigid or hard on yourself?
Budgets are plans. As a project manager I know firsthand that a plan is generally wrong the minute it is complete. The budget aligns your money with your goals, but if the heater goes out, or you have an unexpected illness, or even if you have once in a life time indulgence come your way, your goals for the month may have to change. Use the budget as your outline to start the month, then meet with your partner regularly through the month to adjust for unexpected/forgotten items. Remember my motto: Plan, Work the Plan, then Rework the Plan.

Also keep in mind that budgeting takes practice. No one does it perfectly month after month. Don’t waste energy beating yourself up, just adjust the budget (with your partner) and move forward.

Were you too flexible or too easy on yourself?
Remember your craving for a venti, triple shot vanilla latte is not really a change in goals or an emergency (most of the time). Life happens every day and your budget must adjust as it unfolds. However, the point of a budget is to tell your money where to go to achieve your goals. That means you have to be making intentional choices and (dare I say it) have the discipline to stick to your plan.
If you are constantly adjusting the budget to move money from your savings goals to cover a fun night out, or taking funds earmarked for retirement savings to cover your $25/week coffee habit, then you are not using the budget to its full potential. You will end up robbing yourself of the future you really want, to satisfy your impulses.
Gold stars are not just for kids. We all need to reward ourselves for hard work. Whether is it is meeting a monthly goal to stay on budget or paying off thousands in debt, when you meet a goal reward yourself in some way. And don’t wait until you’ve paid off all the debt or saved all the money you need for that house to celebrate. Set mini goals along the way to keep you motivated. Paying off a quarter of your debt is a big achievement. Saving a 2-month emergency fund is reward worthy even if your ultimate goal is 6 months. Just remember to put these little celebrations in the budget or use your fun money to cover them.

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About Me:

I am a certified financial counselor through FINCERT.Org and a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. I am also an ICF trained executive and leadership coach. I have had a passion for helping people understand all the financial jargon and make wise decisions with their money for many years. I’ve help people learn to budget in a way that makes them feel good about their money. I have helped people develop debt repayment plans that make them confident in their ability to be debt free. I have helped people learn how to protect their loved ones and their assets without feeling intimidated by confusing terms, and I have helped people feel confident working with financial advisors to grow their wealth.

Before becoming a financial coach, I worked as a project manager for several engineering firms and was responsible for $40 million+ projects – this taught me budgeting skills and how to prioritize spending and saving. I can teach you these skills and help you apply them to your finances. Project Management and fundamental business management inform my approach to personal finance, because ultimately budgeting comes down to your priorities, and a willingness to execute a plan that is never going to be 100% accurate. My motto is Plan, Work the Plan, then Rework the plan.

I also know the difference between business and personal finance; personal finance is just that – personal. The way you think and feel about yourself and your money plays a pivotal role in how you manage your money, and it must be addressed to truly be financially well.

– Heidi Glunz


Online Coaching Resources

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Budget is not a four-letter word. Budgeting is focusing the resources you have on what is most important to you. Use this worksheet to get you started.

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Financial Wellness Ebook

This Ebook dives into budgeting and the five areas you need to be financially well: Giving, Saving, Spending, Protecting and Reflecting on your money.

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